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Guaranteed 8+ band in IELTS

IELTS is required for admission to universities in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. In addition, it is recognized by the vast majority of universities worldwide and by over 3,000 universities in the United States alone.Getting the right score is a prerequisite for university entrance. Our tutors can guide you to score 8 band or above.

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What is IELTS Test?

IELTS, International English Language Testing System, is a test conducted globally to find if a candidate meets the required language proficiency in English language. Candidates are tested across the skills of reading, writing, and listening to find if they’re qualified or not. Academic IELTS test is required for admission to universities in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. In addition, it is recognized by the vast majority of universities worldwide and by over 3,000 universities in the United States alone. We offer Academic IELTS tuition.

Upcoming IELTS Test Dates in Qatar

IELTS test dates are available throughout the year in Qatar, with multiple test dates available each month. You can register for the test from the website  IDP Education or British Council, two organisations that administer IELTS Tests in Qatar. Depending on the centre, some centres also offer the tests as Computer delivered tests, where the Listening, Reading and Writing tests are delivered on a computer. The Speaking test is delivered with an examiner in person or via video call at the centre.

How is the IELTS Test Structured?

The listening section involves playing 4 recorded audio clips of conversations between people and monologues. The intention of the listening  test is to assess your ability to understand the core ideas, and factual information in the conversation, the opinions and attitudes of speakers, the purpose of saying something, and your ability to follow the development of ideas.  

The reading section involves 40 questions which tests various reading related skills such as skimming, understanding writers opinion and attitudes, reading for core concepts and ideas, reading for details, understanding logical argument, reading for gist etc. 

The writing section involves two tasks/questions. First one requires you to summarise/describe/explain a graph, table, chart or diagram. Second task requires you to write an essay on give point of view, argument or problem. 

The Speaking section involves three tasks/questions. In the first task you’ll be asked about yourself, your work, your home, your work etc by the examiner. In the second task you’ll be given  a topic and given one minute to prepare in order to talk for two minutes on the topic. In the third task the examiner will ask you questions on the topic from task 2 to discuss more on abstract ideas and concepts. This part of the test last 4-5 minutes. 

Do better IELTS prep with us

Preparing for IELTS tests on your own can be a daunting task. No worries, we’re here to help you. With our structured program IELTS program that evaluates student needs in advance, you can keep your hopes up about getting placed in your dream college. Beat any road blocks you may run into while taking the IELTS test prior with test taking tips and strategies from our qualified IELTS trainers. Combined with our curated materials you won’t waste your time on irrelevant or outdated resources.

Why choose study care for IELTS Tuition?

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Custom designed curriculum according to Individual students need

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20+ Curated Resources to help you crack IELTS with ease

Flexible Schedules 
Incase of an emergency reschedule the classes to a later date. 

Designed by Highly Qualified Teachers 
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Student to Teacher Learning
Immersive learning experience at our facility to clear your doubts instantly. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

IELTS scores come with an expiry date. They’re only valid for two years. Beyond this period you cannot apply to universities with the the test result. You’ll have to take the test again. 

A good score depends on the university you intend to apply to. Some universities require very low scores, while others may require a high score. Generally speaking a band of 6.5 or higher is considered a good score.

If you’re applying to a university where the primary language of instruction is English, it is best to get in touch with the university to know the deadline for the application process. And plan your IELTS accordingly. As a general rule of thumb it is advised to take the IELTS exam at least three months prior to universities application deadline as you may be required to take the test again if you do not meet the band requirements. Also consider that depending on your current language proficiency you may be required to  prepare longer to improve your language proficiency to apply to the university of your choice before the deadline.

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