Cambridge International

Cambridge pathway curriculum maintains a international standard.  Cambridge Pathway has four key stages Cambridge Primary, Cambridge Lower Secondary, Cambridge IGCSE, and Cambridge Advanced.

Tuitions Available for the these Key Stages

Cambridge Lower Secondary (14 to 16 years old)
With tuitions and courses for Cambridge Lower Secondary Your child will be tutored for success as he or she prepares for exams in Mathematics, Science, and English, enabling them to face the challenges of IGCSE Level.
Cambridge IGCSE (14 to 16 years old)
With over 70 courses, the IGCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) is a popular English International curriculum for 14–16-year-olds.With Cambridge IGCSE tuition and coursesstudents will excel in their choice of subject combinations as exam-oriented tutoring will help them crack the exams with excellent grades.
Cambridge Advanced (16 to 19 years old)
With Cambridge A Level Tuition and Courses, students have greater access to opportunities abroad, as the majority of universities require A Level Qualification with excellent grades. We provide students with precious insights into scoring good grades with our tuition and courses for Cambridge A Level.

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