Private Tuition

Every student has different learning capabilities, and for most of the private tuition is a blessing. Study Care has a private tuition programme which has been exceptionally successful since its very inception in Qatar. Many a leading institution fails to provide individual care for their students, and in today's competitive world this certainly is going to negatively affect the lives of students. Study Care's tried and tested private tuition programme ensures effective guidance and individual care for students.

Students' convenience and comfort are two among many benefits of our private tuition programme. The freedom to choose the tuition time and place is given to the students. By doing this Study Care makes sure that the learning process is carried out properly and effectively in a stress-free environment.

Our private tutors provide students with an opportunity for learning a subject or concept prior to its discussion in school. This method makes learning process effortless and mastering a subject quite an easy task. Study Care's private tuition programme helps students gain confidence to share their thoughts, and it motivates them to actively engage in learning. Our tutors give comprehensive and productive feedback to students which ensures the much-needed awareness regarding their actual and potential status. We have designed our private tuition programme in such a way that your child and her difficulties will be our tutors' prime focus.

Study Care's private tuition programme places students at its centre. A holistic approach to education makes our programme unique and effective. Our private tutors are fully equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for the task of assisting your child to excel in her studies.