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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers :

What does IGCSE stands for?

IGCSE is the abbreviation for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. IGCSE are exams designed to measure a student’s competence in in their respective subject. IGCSE are considered as equivalent to the UK’s GCSE qualification. Both are used to prove academic achievement.

What IGCSE subjects are needed for architecture?

The exact requirements for entrance into an architecture program vary from university to university, but there are a few common subjects you’ll find are required just about everywhere. These are: First Language English and Mathematics. Physics and Art and Design are also strongly recommended.

What IGCSE subjects are needed for medicine?

Again, it varies from university to university but in general you’ll need to take Chemistry, Biology, First Language English, and Physics. Mathematics is also strongly preferred.

What IGCSE zone am I in?

If you’re in Qatar, you’re in Cambridge Administrative Zone 3.

What is a passing IGCSE score?

It depends. Passing scores vary from subject to subject and year to year. To avoid failing, it’s important to aim high and study hard. A tuition center can help you prepare for your exam.

When are the IGCSE exams in 2020?

You can find the exam times for Cambridge at: https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/exam-administration/cambridge-exams-officers-guide/phase-1-preparation/timetabling-exams/exam-timetables/

For Edexcel, the exam times can be found at: https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/support/support-topics/exams/exam-timetables.html

Where is IGCSE recognized?

IGCSE is recognized around the world by universities and companies around the world as evidence of academic accomplishment. Many higher education institutions require a combination of IGCSEs to meet their entry requirements.

Where can I get past IGCSE papers?

There are many websites online which offer past papers for download. You can also get them printed and bound for you from Study Care.

Where can I check for IGCSE results online?

Both Cambridge and Edexcel have websites which allow you to view your exam scores online. For Cambridge, you can visit: https://candidates.cambridgeenglish.org
And for Edexcel, the website is: https://www.resultsplusdirect.co.uk/students/login.html

Who can take the IGCSE exams?

Students who have enrolled for an approved IGCSE program and have completed their course of studies are eligible to sit for the exam.

Where can I buy IGCSE books in Qatar?

Most bookstores offer IGCSE books. A good place to start looking is Jarir Bookstore or Ibn al-Qayyim Bookstore.

Where can I find IGCSE tuition in Qatar?

While there are many tuition centers in Qatar, we recommend Study Care. Study Care is able to guarantee small groups and individualized attention from highly experienced and qualified staff. Call them today to set up a trial lesson: 5031 9624.

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